Challenge 2.6 Update: 30/4/2020

I’ve had a few rough days where the words trickled instead of flowed and my characters were decidedly taciturn! It’s only been four days so there’s no need to panic, but it’s at times like these I wish I was a planner! The circumstances don’t help, the sense of not knowing when the restrictions willContinue reading “Challenge 2.6 Update: 30/4/2020”

Day 1 – A Novel Idea (Sort of!)

Day one of seventy-nine went as well as it could. There was a little family drama but other than that, I managed to stay focused. I still don’t have a title, but I’ve decided to go with the flow. I do have some names to announce. I gave readers the opportunity to name a character,Continue reading “Day 1 – A Novel Idea (Sort of!)”

To title or not to title!

There are just two days to go until I begin my challenge. I’ve taken part in NaNoWriMo, so writing a novel in 79 days shouldn’t be that difficult, except this time it’s for charity and I’m starting to feel the pressure.  I don’t have a title for a start, and that’s the issue. Do I startContinue reading “To title or not to title!”

The Right Path – A short story

I’ve talked about writing tools before, and the fun I have with prompts. When I’m struggling to focus on a work in progress, I often find ways to flex those writing muscles. A good sentence starter is a great way to do that. This time, the sentence was provided to me by a friend (thanks,Continue reading “The Right Path – A short story”

Reality Check – A short story

I ignored the persistent sound of my doorbell and buried further into my pit of despair, complete with a dozen pillows, my favourite throw and a large enough duvet to drown my sorrows. A comfortable pit that allowed me to feed my misery and keep it alive; an incubator for the sad and lonely. TheContinue reading “Reality Check – A short story”

Raising the Stakes – A short story

As I perused the fresh meat section of my local supermarket, my phone trilled in my pocket, dragging my attention from an excellent cut of ribeye beef. Instead of building an entire meal around the tasty morsel in my head, I tore my eyes away to check the message. Jon-boy: Hey Kaz. Don’t forget I’mContinue reading “Raising the Stakes – A short story”

Silent Sentinels – Armed Forces Day Poem

  Like Atlas, who carried an incredible weight Or Titans who battle with strength and valour You protect us against violence and hate Fighting those who would take our power * As fierce and mighty as an ancient tree You form a barrier across the deepest divide With roots that encompass land, air or seaContinue reading “Silent Sentinels – Armed Forces Day Poem”

Cinderella Castle – Photo inspired short story

I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks, but I finally managed to carve some time to write and visit my online friends. The following story is inspired by the above photograph. It was taken by a friend, Jarno Willemarck, in the French part of Belgium (he’s not allowed to give exact location). He titled itContinue reading “Cinderella Castle – Photo inspired short story”