Author Interview: Phyllis Moore

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Phyllis Moore, author of the Pegasus Colony. You will find links and further information about the novel below. But first, let’s find out what Phyllis had to say. Do you have any strange writing habits (like writing in a lucky pair of socks? Or using a special pen?)Continue reading “Author Interview: Phyllis Moore”

Guest Post by Louise Findlay

I have a special treat for you today, a short-story written by Louise Findlay. If you would like to know more about Louise and her work, I featured her on my author blog during the Fantasy Solstice Tour. For further details, click here. Vicious Vines by Louise Findlay I so hated this world. The cloggingContinue reading “Guest Post by Louise Findlay”

Author Interview: Luther M. Siler

Welcome back to my feature on Luther Siler, author of Skylights, The Benevolence Archives and The Sanctum of the Sphere. Today I would like to share an interview with you. I had a great deal of fun discussing Luther’s reading and writing habits, so much I couldn’t resist a few follow up questions! If youContinue reading “Author Interview: Luther M. Siler”

Guest Post – Gloria Weber: E-book Covers (Historical Fiction)

As a writer, I like trying to write in different genres, because I love to read them and to push my limits.  As a reader, I try to vary my reading, because I like discovering new things to love.  Often, what I read I write. There’s one exception: Historical Romance. I love reading knights fallingContinue reading “Guest Post – Gloria Weber: E-book Covers (Historical Fiction)”

Inside the Interview Room – Round 3

  WR101 1 August 2014 Interview with Jodie Llewellyn 1. Can you tell us a little about yourself? My name is Jodie. I’m a 27-year-old Aussie aspiring author. I live in a relatively small country town and am loving being back in my hometown. I work as a sales associate as a real estate agent,Continue reading “Inside the Interview Room – Round 3”

Journey's End by Mark Morris [30 Days of June] WR101 Prompt Series

Check out Journey’s End. This is another exciting tale by Mark Morris, posted in response to the prompt for the 8 June 2013. As always here is a reminder of the prompt, and a peek at what’s to come. 8 June 2014 The following sentence starter must be used as the first line of yourContinue reading “Journey's End by Mark Morris [30 Days of June] WR101 Prompt Series”

I'm a clairvoyant – but I can't see any future in it! by Mark Morris

Even the title is clever! Mark’s contribution to today’s prompt (30 Days of June) is a delight. Click here, to read it. As a reminder, here is the prompt, and a taster for tomorrow, in case you want to join the party! 6 June 2014 You are at a party and, as a joke, youContinue reading “I'm a clairvoyant – but I can't see any future in it! by Mark Morris”

What kind of writer are you?

Just for fun, I took one of those novelty writing tests. The ones that claim to analyse a section of text in order to compare you to a famous writer. Apparently I write in a similar style to Chuck Palahniuk, the writer who penned Fight Club. It’s an interesting comparison, but one I didn’t take too seriously. I did, however, doContinue reading “What kind of writer are you?”