Last minute changes – WIPpet Wednesday/ROW80

As it’s the first Wednesday of NaNoWriMo I was all set to share with you a snippet from my new project – a continuation of the scene I shared with you last week.  But Tyler will have to wait a while, because my mind is on other things. The short version is that The Fifth Watcher isContinue reading “Last minute changes – WIPpet Wednesday/ROW80”

Pipped to the post (in a fashion) – WIPpet Wednesday/ROW80

I’m really late with my WIPpet today. I have eight minutes to post this, or it doesn’t count because it will be Thursday! So, I’m rushing through it. This will be the last snippet from Fractured, as it is now ready to go to betas. I thought I’d leave you with a scene involving MaddisonContinue reading “Pipped to the post (in a fashion) – WIPpet Wednesday/ROW80”

Keeping it short and (hopefully) sweet – WIPpet Wednesday

It’s WIPpet Wednesday again, and this time I’m going to keep it short and sweet! First let me thank K.L. Schwengel for the opportunity to share, and everyone who supported me last week. I rewrote the introduction and it’s looking better. I’m almost happy with it! So you’ve been introduced to Audrey, you’ve had aContinue reading “Keeping it short and (hopefully) sweet – WIPpet Wednesday”

What’s in a name – WIPpet Wednesday

Before I get to today’s snippet, I have some other related news. I’ve decided to take part in A round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) when the next round begins on the 6 October. I’ve also volunteered to be a sponsor, so I’m really looking forward to the opportunity. Right, onto WIPpet Wednesday. For my snippetContinue reading “What’s in a name – WIPpet Wednesday”