Completely in the dark – WR101 Prompt Series: Shades of August

I enjoyed August’s previous adventure so much I couldn’t help but add to it. Let’s call this part 2 – click here if you want to read Part 1. When the ground disappeared beneath my feet the obscenity was wrenched free and I was falling into darkness. I wrapped my arms tighter around SB, using himContinue reading “Completely in the dark – WR101 Prompt Series: Shades of August”

Siding with a shark – WR101 Prompt Series: Shades of August

I wanted to try my hand at one of August’s tales, but since Winter so cleverly started us off and probably has plans for that particular adventure, I decided to start with a tale from her past. Five years earlier… I pushed through the giant wall of icy winds and cursed the Guild in everyContinue reading “Siding with a shark – WR101 Prompt Series: Shades of August”

[WR101 Prompt Series] Sci-fi Sundays' – Prompt #9

I’m using pictures as the inspiration for this week’s theme. Your sci-fi Sunday image is brought to you by Award Photography and can be found on flickr. The image is entitled Abandoned barn.     Have fun 🙂   Welcome to the WR101 Prompt Series. A daily prompt incorporating our love of fiction in all its forms.Continue reading “[WR101 Prompt Series] Sci-fi Sundays' – Prompt #9”

[WR101 Prompt Series] Sci-fi Sundays' – Prompt #8

The theme for this week is all about the song and requires you to  write a short story based on a song title. You don’t have to base it on the lyrics. As long as it’s linked to the appropriate genre, and includes an interpretation of the song. The song title for Sunday (provided by Mark Morris) is: Sleeping Satellite (Tasmin Archer).  Continue reading “[WR101 Prompt Series] Sci-fi Sundays' – Prompt #8”

Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 3

As his fingers curled around the object he was blasted with a memory, one strong enough to obliterate the walls of his prison. You can read the previous instalments by clicking on the appropriate link: Part 1 – Part 2. An instant later the world dropped away and he was lying in a hospital bed,Continue reading “Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 3”

Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 2

As if sensing his confusion she looked up and grinned. “Sight is not your gift, it’s mine,” she said cryptically. “I receive the information and you…” she shook her head. “I’m getting ahead of myself. Would you like to meet the team?” To read Part 1 click here. “Team?” He was starting to get aContinue reading “Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 2”

[WR101 Prompt Series] Sci-Fi Sundays' – Prompt #7

The theme for this week is in the form of a final sentence. All you need to do is weave a tale, which concludes with the following sentence: “A familiar power hummed along her skin, signalling an end to the curse.” NB: If would like to suggest a sentence for this week’s theme, please let me know.

Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 1

It’s collaboration time again. I recently began co-authoring Foresight with a new member of Writing Room 101 – Rachel-Elaine Peterson. I’ve had a blast working with Rachel-Elaine and the fun isn’t over yet! As we both enjoy the Science Fiction Genre, that’s what we settled on. You’ll find the first part below. Find out more fromContinue reading “Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 1”

Blood Lust – 30 Days of June Prompt

It was a bitch of a night; cold enough to freeze the balls of a brass monkey. I wasn’t in the best of moods before I left the precinct and now, what little patience I had, plummeted with my body temperature. “What crawled up your ass?” Conrad said, kicking a mound of snow with his boot.Continue reading “Blood Lust – 30 Days of June Prompt”