Review – Crossing Bedlam by Charles Yallowitz

The United States of America has been crippled. Violently contained by a global military force and left without its leaders, the country has become shattered and chaotic. A decade has passed since the first strike and a new landscape has emerged where survival is more important than anything else. Who will uncover the truth behindContinue reading “Review – Crossing Bedlam by Charles Yallowitz”

Review: Cadence of Consequences: The Chronicles of Xannia Series (Book 2) by M.J. Moores

I had the pleasure of reading Cadence of Consequences early, given that I was lucky enough to beta read the second novel in The Chronicles of Xannia series. To be completely honest, after reading the first, I jumped at the chance. You can read my review of Time’s Tempest here. So, before I share my review ofContinue reading “Review: Cadence of Consequences: The Chronicles of Xannia Series (Book 2) by M.J. Moores”

Review: Gabriel – Book Four in the Path of Angels Series by Patricia Josephine

The end is in sight. To stop Uriel from freeing Lucifer, Gabriel and his brothers must fall and go to Hell. It is a sacrifice Gabriel is not entirely ready to make. Will he fight alongside his brothers or forge his own path? There is only one choice. Alexander doesn’t want to help Uriel norContinue reading “Review: Gabriel – Book Four in the Path of Angels Series by Patricia Josephine”

Review: The Viper and The Urchin by Celine Jeanjean

Being Damsport’s most elegant assassin is hard work. There’s tailoring to consider, devilish poisons to concoct, secret identities to maintain… But most importantly, Longinus has to keep his fear of blood hidden or his reputation will be ruined. So, when a scrawny urchin girl threatens to expose his phobia unless he teaches her swordsmanship, heContinue reading “Review: The Viper and The Urchin by Celine Jeanjean”

Review – Ichabod Brooks and the City of Beasts

In a time of heroes, a man will take any job to provide for his family. Ichabod Brooks has earned a reputation for taking the jobs most men and women fear to challenge. This reputation has brought him to the charred remains of a small village nestled within the hills and forest of Ralian. TheContinue reading “Review – Ichabod Brooks and the City of Beasts”

Review – Jophiel Path of Angels (Book 3) by Patricia Josephine

They must fight to stay on the path. Joe embraces his duty without fear or hesitation, always ready for the next battle. But the path has never been easy. With Michael’s return, they uncover a truth more dangerous than they ever imagined. Their enemy plans to unleash the devil himself, Lucifer. Help comes in theContinue reading “Review – Jophiel Path of Angels (Book 3) by Patricia Josephine”

Review: Shadow Stalker, Episode 9 by Renee Scattergood

Makari has finally come to realize Auren is not the delohi-saqu, and his father, Drevin, Emperor of the Galvadi, has been wrong about her all along. He goes to Zain, Auren’s father, for help to heal Auren’s mind after he had wrongfully broken her. Now Makari vows to protect Auren and help her escape, butContinue reading “Review: Shadow Stalker, Episode 9 by Renee Scattergood”

Review: Shadow Stalker, Episode 8 – Broken

Welcome back for my review of episode 8 in the Shadow Stalker Series. I’m a fan of serialised fiction, and I’ve enjoyed Auren’s journey so far. Like any series, I have my favourites and I plan to write a character summary next month to coincide with the next episode release. Auren finds a way toContinue reading “Review: Shadow Stalker, Episode 8 – Broken”

Review – Skylights by Luther M. Siler

August 15, 2022: the Tycho, the most advanced interplanetary craft ever designed by the human race, launches from Earth on an expedition to Mars. The Tycho carries four passengers, soon to be the most famous people in human history.  February 19, 2023: The Tycho loses all communication with Earth while orbiting Mars. After weeks ofContinue reading “Review – Skylights by Luther M. Siler”

Review – Zadekiel (Book 2) Path of Angels Series by Patricia Josephine

Zadekiel – Book 2 in the Path of Angels Series Review I enjoyed the conflict which lives within Zade. The desire to do the right thing, even though he is forced into a role he did not want or expect. His brother’s absence hits him hard, but it is the guilt, which weighs heavily in hisContinue reading “Review – Zadekiel (Book 2) Path of Angels Series by Patricia Josephine”