A to Z Blogging Challenge – A Reflection

This was my first year participating in the A to Z Challenge, and I had a lot of fun. Like any journey, the road was easier because of the friends I met along the way, those who supported me during my travels. It made a difference. I visited many new blogs, as well as keepingContinue reading “A to Z Blogging Challenge – A Reflection”

A little reflection – ROW80

I’m late for my Wednesday check in, but at least I made it – I missed the last few. There are reasons for that; the internet for one, and an increased work load. There’s also the fact I failed at NaNo, or perhaps I should say, I failed to achieve the required word count. IContinue reading “A little reflection – ROW80”

A time for Reflection

I’ve often heard actors say they can’t bear to watch themselves on-screen, that they see every flaw; every perceived error in their own production. It makes me wonder how many other artists say the same thing. I’m sure there are authors among us who fear the prospect of reading their own work, once it reachesContinue reading “A time for Reflection”