Meet Jophiel from Path of Angels by Patricia Josephine

They must fight to stay on the path. Joe embraces his duty without fear or hesitation, always ready for the next battle. But the path has never been easy. With Michael’s return, they uncover a truth more dangerous than they ever imagined. Their enemy plans to unleash the devil himself, Lucifer. Help comes in theContinue reading “Meet Jophiel from Path of Angels by Patricia Josephine”

Introducing the all new weekly writing prompt

A fellow blogger commented recently, that they would take part in the prompt series if non-fiction was on the menu. I’ve therefore created a new weekly prompt, which I have temporarily entitled Featured Articles. I haven’t developed an image to go along with this yet, or created a page. I wanted to gain feedback onContinue reading “Introducing the all new weekly writing prompt”

Writing Room 101 Prompt Series – And now for an intermission…

I’m going to Camp tomorrow, Camp NaNoWriMo that is. My goal this time is to write 36,000 words. As this is not the only site I run, or co-run, and given that I administrate the Prompt Series, this unfortunately means it will be suspended until the first week in May 2014. If you are interestedContinue reading “Writing Room 101 Prompt Series – And now for an intermission…”