Interview with P.S. Bartlett, Author of Demons & Pearls

Welcome back. I’m pleased to share P.S. Bartlett’s interview with you, and look forward to hearing your thoughts. An Interview with P.S. Bartlett How old were you when you wrote your first piece? I honestly don’t remember but I started very early writing poems. I used to make my own greeting cards as a child,Continue reading “Interview with P.S. Bartlett, Author of Demons & Pearls”

Introducing Demons & Pearls by P.S. Bartlett

This is the first of two posts focusing on P.S. Bartlett and her new release – Demons & Pearls. Later this afternoon I will be sharing an interview with you, but for now – here is information about the exciting new novel, which includes a sneak peak. Enjoy! Title: DEMONS & PEARLS Author: P.S. BartlettContinue reading “Introducing Demons & Pearls by P.S. Bartlett”