Character Study: Scott Lang (Ant-Man)

Originally posted on Comparative Geeks:
Real Name: Scott Lang Powers: Thanks to Pym Particles, Scott (Ant-Man) can shrink to the size of an ant. He can also communicate telepathically with insects. When he shrinks, he retains his human strength. Abilities: Scott has expertise in electronics. Background Scott Lang is the current Ant-Man, though he achieved…

Super-charged – Featured Fiction #13

This week, the suggested theme for the Featured Fiction Prompt series is Fan-Fiction. Thanks to Callum for challenging me to take part. The following is a piece of fan-fiction focusing on Rogue from the X-men (Marvel). Super-charged “Rogue, I could use a little help here, Cherie,” Gambit said as he dodged another of Apocalypses’ flying missiles; this time aContinue reading “Super-charged – Featured Fiction #13”