By A. M. Leibowitz All right, I’m showing my age a little with the title of this post. Please don’t leave me hanging…tell me someone else remembers that show. Aside from strolling down my childhood lane, the title refers to something I never thought I’d be doing: a book launch. Sure, I had notions about … Continue reading 3-2-1…Contact!

The New Mrs. Collins by Quanie Miller

Book Info Title: The New Mrs. Collins Author: Quanie Miller Genre: Paranormal Release Date: October 13, 2014 Book Blurb In the small town of Carolville, Louisiana, no one knows that Adira Collins inherited mystic powers from her great grandmother. All they know is that she’s beautiful, poised, graceful, and ruthless—especially when it comes to love. … Continue reading The New Mrs. Collins by Quanie Miller

New Release – Desert Sunrise by Gina Briganti

I'm thrilled to announce the new release, Desert Sunrise, book two of the Natural Gifts series by Gina Briganti. Today begins a week long journey into the lives of Lucy Shannon and Stan Spellman, with guest appearances from Joe Jacobs and Dana Carapelli from The Dreaming. Today I'll be sharing a special interview, and will … Continue reading New Release – Desert Sunrise by Gina Briganti