Character Interview: Aldra Malimore from Doubling Back by Rose Fishcher

I recently had the pleasure of reading Doubling Back – A Story of Synn (The Foxes of Synn, Book 3) by Rose Fischer. Needless to say I loved the story, and fell for the charming and talented fox, Aldra Malimore. So imagine my excitement when I got to interview Aldra! Now I get to shareContinue reading “Character Interview: Aldra Malimore from Doubling Back by Rose Fishcher”

Author Interview – Celine Jeanjean

I have a special treat for you today, an interview with Celine Jeanjean, author of The Viper and The Urchin. I loved the book, and will be reviewing it next Sunday. But first, let’s find out a little more about the author herself. Please welcome Celine to WR101. Celine Jeanjean is French, grew up inContinue reading “Author Interview – Celine Jeanjean”

Author Interview: Phyllis Moore

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Phyllis Moore, author of the Pegasus Colony. You will find links and further information about the novel below. But first, let’s find out what Phyllis had to say. Do you have any strange writing habits (like writing in a lucky pair of socks? Or using a special pen?)Continue reading “Author Interview: Phyllis Moore”

Sourcerer’s Eleven: Questions for Author Joshua Robertson

Originally posted on Sourcerer:
Welcome to round three of Sourcerer’s Eleven. An interview series where contributors within the site get a shot in the big chair. The Instigator-In-Chief, Gene’o interviewed Luther Siler, who then put me through my paces, so now it’s my turn *rubs hands together*. In the hot seat today is Joshua Robertson,…

Interview with Scott Keen, author of Scar of the Downers

I’d like to welcome back Scott Keen to Writing Room 101 today. Scott kindly agreed to answer a few questions. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Scott better; his background, writing techniques, and current projects. I’m certain you will too. Interview with Scott Keen Can you tell us a little about yourself?Continue reading “Interview with Scott Keen, author of Scar of the Downers”

Interview with P.S. Bartlett, Author of Demons & Pearls

Welcome back. I’m pleased to share P.S. Bartlett’s interview with you, and look forward to hearing your thoughts. An Interview with P.S. Bartlett How old were you when you wrote your first piece? I honestly don’t remember but I started very early writing poems. I used to make my own greeting cards as a child,Continue reading “Interview with P.S. Bartlett, Author of Demons & Pearls”

Interview with Karen Mann – Author of The Woman of La Mancha

Karen Mann, author of The Woman of La Mancha and The Saved Man, kindly agreed to an interview. Here is what Karen has to say about her writing process. Interview with Karen Mann What is your first memory of writing? In third grade, my best friend got in trouble with the teacher, and I thought myContinue reading “Interview with Karen Mann – Author of The Woman of La Mancha”

Take Me Tomorrow by Shannon A. Thompson

Today I have the great pleasure in welcoming Shannon A. Thompson, author of Take Me Tomorrow and Minutes Before Sunset (part of The Timely Death Trilogy). Shannon kindly agreed to an interview, and I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion. Later today I will be providing a review of Take Me Tomorrow, but for now, here’s ShannonContinue reading “Take Me Tomorrow by Shannon A. Thompson”

Author Interview – Allison D. Reid

Interview with Allison D. Reid, author of Journey to Aviad When and why did you begin writing? I guess I’ve been writing longer than I can even remember.  My grandmother once told me that I won a poetry contest in 1st grade.  I have no memory of that event, but somewhere I still have the signedContinue reading “Author Interview – Allison D. Reid”

Interview with Renee Scattergood – Demon Hunt Blitz Tour

In honour of Renee’s Blitz Tour weekend for Demon Hunt, I asked Renee a few questions about her writing habits. I’ve also added information about the prequel to her Shadow Stalker series, and all the necessary links. Interview with Renee Scattergood 1. If you could choose a writing retreat anywhere in the world, where wouldContinue reading “Interview with Renee Scattergood – Demon Hunt Blitz Tour”