Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 3

As his fingers curled around the object he was blasted with a memory, one strong enough to obliterate the walls of his prison. You can read the previous instalments by clicking on the appropriate link: Part 1 – Part 2. An instant later the world dropped away and he was lying in a hospital bed,Continue reading “Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 3”

Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 2

As if sensing his confusion she looked up and grinned. “Sight is not your gift, it’s mine,” she said cryptically. “I receive the information and you…” she shook her head. “I’m getting ahead of myself. Would you like to meet the team?” To read Part 1 click here. “Team?” He was starting to get aContinue reading “Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 2”

Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 1

It’s collaboration time again. I recently began co-authoring Foresight with a new member of Writing Room 101 – Rachel-Elaine Peterson. I’ve had a blast working with Rachel-Elaine and the fun isn’t over yet! As we both enjoy the Science Fiction Genre, that’s what we settled on. You’ll find the first part below. Find out more fromContinue reading “Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 1”

Collaboration Station – Little Prytt and Simyn Snail – Part 2

Below you will find the second and final part of my collaboration with Cynthia Morgan (booknvolume). To learn more, and to read the first part, click here. Little Prytt and Simyn Snail – Part 2 In spite of the shortness of their journey, Little Prytt kept a sharp ear tuned to the sounds coming fromContinue reading “Collaboration Station – Little Prytt and Simyn Snail – Part 2”

Collaboration Station – Little Prytt and Simyn Snail: Part 1

One of the reasons I created Writing Room 101, besides a fun place to read, write and share our experiences, is an interest in collaborative writing. I love what happens when two or more authors get together and write something; how their styles find a way to blend and compliment each other. I recently collaboratedContinue reading “Collaboration Station – Little Prytt and Simyn Snail: Part 1”