Running on Empty – Speakeasy #176

Everything hurt. Even her eyelids, which was ridiculous, and yet she couldn’t open them.A movement to her left made her flinch and curse instantaneously when every cell in her body screamed in protest. She pulled on the last of her reserves to protect herself. Her hair whipped out, snaking around the hand which hovered above … Continue reading Running on Empty – Speakeasy #176

Hidden – Speakeasy entry #160

‘Tell me if you’re game’ – such a simple request, and yet powerful when written as a taunt by your best friend. Johnson is, quite frankly, the thorn in my side. He lives to challenge me, and sometimes I wonder why I go along with it. If he wasn’t my only friend, maybe I’d say … Continue reading Hidden – Speakeasy entry #160

Under a forgotten sun – Speakeasy #157

Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold. The cold seeped into my bones like icy fingers and I shivered against a bitter wind that pulled me this way and that. I longed for the gentle days of summer, for the ground to turn soft beneath my feet. When I was a safe enough distance from … Continue reading Under a forgotten sun – Speakeasy #157

The Light of Hope – Speakeasy entry #155

  Without a word, she dropped to the ground. Words would have been futile in her chosen form, and a growl would have belied her frustration. She changed swiftly, and without fuss. Her body was lithe and agile, and as she crossed the forest floor she didn’t make a sound. She was as graceful as … Continue reading The Light of Hope – Speakeasy entry #155

Please don’t stop the music

“Sweet mother of Jesus, somebody get me some eyes in there.” Samuel looked at his boss with a smirk. He wasn’t being ironic, despite the fact millions of viewers were watching. Channel 6 had been hi-jacked and the moment the cameras stopped rolling it was game over. “Thirty seconds sir, and we’ll be able to … Continue reading Please don’t stop the music

Hell in a handbasket

Life had once been defined by linears and absolutes, that’s what his father had said. But Jeremiah found it all but impossible to correlate the idea with his own existence. He tried to imagine it; order amidst the chaos. It was an alien concept. In his world there were no universal truths, and things were … Continue reading Hell in a handbasket