When things don’t go as planned

The opening sentence for the Featured Fiction writing prompt wouldn’t leave me alone this week. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t written anything in a while, and it makes me edgy. Since I had a minute or two today I decided to go with it. It turned into a lesson in what happens when you don’t plan!Continue reading “When things don’t go as planned”

Interrupted – FF#25

Before I get to the story, I must apologise that I’ve ignored the sentence starter again, and all the other prompts! I’ve spent the past couple of weeks with some of my favourite characters so when crime came up this week on Featured Fiction I jumped at the chance to spend time with them again.Continue reading “Interrupted – FF#25”

Torn in Two – FF#24

“I’m not sure how much more of this I can take,” Cynthia said, stretching her long, jean clad legs in front of her. Her feet were bare, which was so rare she knew her friend still had trouble processing the sight of her polish-free toes. The combat boots she favoured were tossed in a corner;Continue reading “Torn in Two – FF#24”

The Welcoming Committee – FF #23

We fed on blind adventure, devouring each course it laid. It was nothing more than a game, a way to appease the adrenalin monster. It lived in both of us; craving violence and danger the way other people craved coffee. Looking back we should have known it would lead to trouble. The very essence ofContinue reading “The Welcoming Committee – FF #23”

A Welcome Surprise (Part 2) – FF#22

Joshua watched his mother and sister being escorted to the ambulance and wished he could go to them, to express his joy that they’d been found, to stop the flow of tears, the grief etched in new lines around his mother’s face. But he couldn’t. He was stuck, living outside his own body, too afraidContinue reading “A Welcome Surprise (Part 2) – FF#22”

A Welcome Surprise (Part 1) – FF#22

Sandra cranked up the volume on her music player and let herself fly to the music. She was happy, damn it, and singing along to the Pharrell’s energising words almost made her believe it. Besides the sound drowned out the voices, and it didn’t get much better than that. As the early morning sun peeredContinue reading “A Welcome Surprise (Part 1) – FF#22”

Let’s try a little experiment

In my last post I gave tips on writing comedy, gathered from resources I’d found and felt worthy of sharing. Armed with these tools I began to experiment. I’ve hit a few snags. Mainly my reluctance to plan, because comedy, it seems, is a genre which requires careful planning. The next problem relates to findingContinue reading “Let’s try a little experiment”

Better the devil you know – FF#17

The scream pierced the cold night air and echoed around the park, coating Helen in humiliation when she realised it was just a cat in her path. She was out after curfew, jumping at every shadow, and cursing herself for her stupidity. Her heart pounded every time she thought of the recent murders. Blandford wasContinue reading “Better the devil you know – FF#17”

Super-charged – Featured Fiction #13

This week, the suggested theme for the Featured Fiction Prompt series is Fan-Fiction. Thanks to Callum for challenging me to take part. The following is a piece of fan-fiction focusing on Rogue from the X-men (Marvel). Super-charged “Rogue, I could use a little help here, Cherie,” Gambit said as he dodged another of Apocalypses’ flying missiles; this time aContinue reading “Super-charged – Featured Fiction #13”