Zara the Fair – #BlogBattle Writing Challenge

I saw a fun game this morning when reading a post on Blondewritemore. It is a writing challenge, organised by Rachael Ritchey, and one I couldn’t resist. Rachael provides a single word for inspiration each week. This week that words is ‘DROP.’ Here is my contribution to the challenge, I hope you enjoy. It’s aContinue reading “Zara the Fair – #BlogBattle Writing Challenge”

Sourcerer’s Eleven: Questions for Author Joshua Robertson

Originally posted on Sourcerer:
Welcome to round three of Sourcerer’s Eleven. An interview series where contributors within the site get a shot in the big chair. The Instigator-In-Chief, Gene’o interviewed Luther Siler, who then put me through my paces, so now it’s my turn *rubs hands together*. In the hot seat today is Joshua Robertson,…

The Marvels of Modern Technology – If we were having coffee

If we were having coffee we would be sipping our nectar of choice in separate rooms, chatting away over a webcam, or facetime, or hangouts…video conferencing. Whatever! Of course depending on the time I might be in the car, praying the signal didn’t give out, trying to balance my phone (not while driving) so IContinue reading “The Marvels of Modern Technology – If we were having coffee”

Mel’s Midweek Writing Menagerie #4

Welcome to my weekly writing prompt series. The rules of the challenge are simple. I’ve provided two options below, and there’s a handy link-up button at the end of the post, so you can upload your contribution and share it with others. If you prefer to use the pingback method, I’ll check out each link IContinue reading “Mel’s Midweek Writing Menagerie #4”

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – E.L. Doctorow

Writer’s Quote Wednesday is organised by Colleen from Silver Threading, and is a wonderful weekly series in which bloggers share the quotes which inspire them. I highly recommend checking them out. This week my quote comes from E.L. Doctorow, an American author, known for his works of historical fiction. Writing a novel is like drivingContinue reading “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – E.L. Doctorow”

Cover Reveals: The Power of Six Redesigned, Infinite Waters

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
Remember how I mentioned that I’m redesigning all of of my book covers? Today, I can share with you the new cover for The Power of Six: 6+1 short science fiction stories. The redesign has been by the very talented Alexios Saskalidis of 187designz. Buy The Power of Six on Amazon…