Incessant Chatter: Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #49


This is my contribution to Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Prompt Series. Thanks, as always, to Ronovan for the opportunity to practice my writing. Here’s the challenge this week:

The Prompt Words
Lock & Gab
My Example
A lock of your hair
Stays silent lips forever
Gab secrets no more
The following is how the sentences should read.
A lock of your hair stays silent lips forever.
Stays silent lips forever, gab secrets no more.


Thanks for stopping by. Until next time.


Published by mbarkersimpson

Melissa Barker-Simpson is a multigenre romance author. Her stories are about connection, friendship, and love in all its forms. So whether in a magical setting, an alternative universe, or a world where anything can happen – and often does – there is always an element of romance. Melissa is currently residing in the North of England with her two daughters, and when not writing, is fulfilling her other role as a British Sign Language Interpreter.

18 thoughts on “Incessant Chatter: Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #49

  1. I never like to read any of the haiku anyone posts before writing my own so that I am not influenced by what I’ve read. It seems in our case, great minds think alike 🙂 we opened the same way. Love the haiku BTW.

  2. Bit of a silly question — I don’t know a lot about haikus. Is that how they should all be read — i.e. repeating the middle sentence? Either way enjoyed both yours and Ronovan’s!

    1. It’s not a silly question at all 🙂 the sentences are put together to act as an example because the first and second line should make a sentence and the second and third line should also make a sentence – it’s just to demonstrate that they do. I’m learning so much about the haiku. One of the things I find most challenging is that there should ideally be two opposing ideas. I’m glad you enjoyed it 😀

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