Two Trailers showing #TSRA Hall of Fame #Authors – A Blogaversary Present…

It’s Chris’ (Story Reading Ape’s) blogaversary, and in his usual supportive fashion, he’s given all the authors in his Hall of Fame a gift. Check out the trailers, and all the wonderful authors Chris supports. Thank you, Chris. There’s a banana cupcake, milkshake and egg filled extravaganza on its way to you (or there shouldContinue reading “Two Trailers showing #TSRA Hall of Fame #Authors – A Blogaversary Present…”

Sister Sister – Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee I would apologise for missing the party last week. You would probably raise a brow (Roger Moore style) because of the time – a pretty big indicator you expected me before now! But, hey, I’m here, and I’m playing catch up. I’ve had a great deal of fun this weekContinue reading “Sister Sister – Weekend Coffee Share”

A to Z Blogging Challenge – Day 4: Fantasy Squad – Dwarf

First, before we delve into this wonderful subject matter, a brief note. The plural of dwarf is dwarfs, but when it comes to discussing creatures in a fantasy world, dwarves is generally accepted (in other words, I will be deferring to Tolkien!) Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff. No squad would be complete withoutContinue reading “A to Z Blogging Challenge – Day 4: Fantasy Squad – Dwarf”