Take Me Tomorrow – Review

Two years after the massacre, the State enforces stricter rules and harsher punishments on anyone rumored to support tomo – the clairvoyant drug that caused a regional uprising. But sixteen-year-old Sophia Gray has other problems. Between her father’s illegal forgery and her friend’s troubling history, the last thing Sophia needs is an unexpected encounter withContinue reading “Take Me Tomorrow – Review”

Bubbling over with excitment – #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee I would be bubbling over with excitement because this weekend I’m having a tour for my new release, Heart of Fire, and I’m feeling the buzz. It might be caffeine too, this is my third cup of coffee this morning. I would stop gesticulating long enough for you to tellContinue reading “Bubbling over with excitment – #WeekendCoffeeShare”