Finding a Writing Community – Guest Post by Karen Mann

Finding a Writing Community By Karen Mann We know writing is a solitary occupation. Writers are often introverts and like being alone. But most of us don’t want to keep our writing to ourselves. We write in hopes someone will read our writing. It’s important to find a writing community with which to share yourContinue reading “Finding a Writing Community – Guest Post by Karen Mann”

Author Spotlight – K. P Gazelle

  Faith Lane is the girl who has everything.  At least, that’s what everyone thinks when they see her rocking a killer dress while laughing with her best friend, Tiffany.  But Faith’s life is far from flawless.  Her peers torment her relentlessly, and her parents expect her to be the epitome of perfection.  Criticized andContinue reading “Author Spotlight – K. P Gazelle”

Bound by Fate – Episode 7 of the Shadow Stalker Series by Renee Scattergood

It is my great pleasure to introduce Episode 7 of the Shadow Stalker series by Renee Scattergood. In Bound by Fate, we follow Auren into unknown territory as she undergoes compulsory treatment within a Reconciliation Centre. It is an emotionally fraught episode, with danger at every turn. Just when it seems that Auren might find her loved ones andContinue reading “Bound by Fate – Episode 7 of the Shadow Stalker Series by Renee Scattergood”

Walking on Sunshine Blog Hop Party – Better late than never!

Okay, so I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to join Hugh’s party and show some love to my fellow bloggers. Before I begin – here are the basic rules: 1. Choose a fellow blogger who you think spreads blog love. 2. Write a short post about them. 3. Entitle your post Walking On Sunshine BlogContinue reading “Walking on Sunshine Blog Hop Party – Better late than never!”

Blogging A to Z 2015 Theme Reveal

copyright © Jojikiba Okay, this is it, my theme reveal for the Blogging A to Z Challenge 2015. I think I spent more time trying to decide on a title, than I did writing an outline for the posts. I could churn out a two thousand word essay on the subject, but a title. Nothing, nada, diddly-squat. So, because IContinue reading “Blogging A to Z 2015 Theme Reveal”

I Am Pleased To Announce That The ‘Walking On Sunshine’ Blog Party Has Now Officially Began

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I’ve seen a lot of blog loving happening here on Planet Blog over the last few months, and I thought it about time I threw a party as well, and ask you all to help me spread some blog love this weekend. I’m going to kick this…

Take Me Tomorrow – Review

Two years after the massacre, the State enforces stricter rules and harsher punishments on anyone rumored to support tomo – the clairvoyant drug that caused a regional uprising. But sixteen-year-old Sophia Gray has other problems. Between her father’s illegal forgery and her friend’s troubling history, the last thing Sophia needs is an unexpected encounter withContinue reading “Take Me Tomorrow – Review”

Bubbling over with excitment – #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee I would be bubbling over with excitement because this weekend I’m having a tour for my new release, Heart of Fire, and I’m feeling the buzz. It might be caffeine too, this is my third cup of coffee this morning. I would stop gesticulating long enough for you to tellContinue reading “Bubbling over with excitment – #WeekendCoffeeShare”

Take Me Tomorrow by Shannon A. Thompson

Today I have the great pleasure in welcoming Shannon A. Thompson, author of Take Me Tomorrow and Minutes Before Sunset (part of The Timely Death Trilogy). Shannon kindly agreed to an interview, and I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion. Later today I will be providing a review of Take Me Tomorrow, but for now, here’s ShannonContinue reading “Take Me Tomorrow by Shannon A. Thompson”

#BeWoW Blogshare Wednesday. Get those Positive posts ready.

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#BeWoW blogshare is Wednesday! You want a THEME or IDEA for a post? How about sharing a song on Wednesday that Inspires you, along with the lyrics and the story of why it inspires you. BeWoW stands for Be Wonderful on Wednesday. #BeWow is one word. But really you don’t have…