Time on my hands #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee I would tell you I had a weird working week, which involved numerous cancellations because of the weather, and me in front of the computer screen, toasty warm, with an endless supply of caffeine. And I said I didn’t like snow! During the course of our conversation I’d entertain you withContinue reading “Time on my hands #WeekendCoffeeShare”

Hear me roar – Stream of Consciousness Saturday

When I saw the prompt for this week’s stream of consciousness challenge, my mind went in a dozen different directions. I could use the words scene or seen in a short piece of fiction, because I rarely pass up the chance, and I could sense several of my characters shuffling forward to catch my attention.Continue reading “Hear me roar – Stream of Consciousness Saturday”

Room Expansion…the future of Writing Room 101

As some of you may already know I established Writing Room 101 just after National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November 2013. It has changed direction a number of times since then, and I have enjoyed the evolution. Currently the predominant theme of WR101 is a showcase for indie authors; whether it be spotlights, guestContinue reading “Room Expansion…the future of Writing Room 101”

You’ve got something stuck between your teeth – inspired by One-Liner Wednesday

I was going to take part in One-Liner Wednesday again today, until I saw Linda’s contribution and I couldn’t get it out of my head. If you’re here expecting an inspirational or humerous quote, I must apologise – I wrote a short piece of fiction instead. I just couldn’t help myself 🙂 Busted Riley creptContinue reading “You’ve got something stuck between your teeth – inspired by One-Liner Wednesday”

The Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2015 and other developments

I’m sure you know this by now (I might have mentioned it a few times), but I began contributing over at Sourcerer last week. I’ve been excited about it for a while and it is a true joy to be part of the team. I will be providing weekly reviews of Arrow, the latest ofContinue reading “The Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2015 and other developments”

Author Interview – Fiona Ingram

Welcome back to the second part of Fiona’s spotlight post. I’d like to share an interview with you, and have included information about Fiona and her work at the bottom of the post as a reminder. Interview with Fiona Ingram How do you market your work? What avenues have you found work best? When IContinue reading “Author Interview – Fiona Ingram”

Author Spotlight: Fiona Ingram author of The Chronicles of the Stone

The Chronicles of the Stone is an action adventure tale spanning seven books, seven ancient cultures, seven periods in history, seven historical figures and Seven Stones of Power. With such a winning combination of facts and fiction, it is designed to get kids hooked on books, even those reluctant readers. I have loved history andContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Fiona Ingram author of The Chronicles of the Stone”