Lower EducationBy A. M. Leibowitz

All right, I’m showing my age a little with the title of this post. Please don’t leave me hanging…tell me someone else remembers that show.

Aside from strolling down my childhood lane, the title refers to something I never thought I’d be doing: a book launch. Sure, I had notions about maybe someday publishing something. I figured I’d start small, send a story to a web site or a magazine, but never anything as huge (to me) as a novel.

Yet here I am, less than two weeks from the official release day. The feeling is a strange mix of anticipation, disbelief, and terror. What if people hate it? What if they don’t hate it? I remember telling a fellow author that I was more afraid that my publisher would like my novel than that she wouldn’t. I look back on that and laugh—sort of. Hopefully, I’ll look back on this and laugh too.

The process has been quite a ride. Since my publisher is small, I’ve had to do a lot of the leg work myself, just as anyone familiar with self-publishing can understand. Fortunately, my already-published friends have been amazing. They’ve taken me in, mentored me, and introduced me to other authors. I feel amazingly fortunate to have met such a wonderful group of people.

Along this journey, I’ve had the chance to write guest posts, do author interviews, and host other writers on my blog. A whole group of people were kind enough to share my cover reveal, and another group read my book for review.

That may be the thing that’s surprised me most. I think of myself as a passable writer—I’m not writing high literature, and I’ll never be featured in a high school English class. My husband affectionately termed my style “YA for adults.” Yet somehow, people have actually liked the story—a lot. I’m blown away by all the people whose first reaction was, “I couldn’t put it down.”

I don’t say that to brag; I say it to encourage my fellow writers. We are always our own worst critics. We believe we’re not good enough, not qualified enough, not worthy enough. Well, guess what? We are. We are good and qualified and worthy, and we have every right to believe it.

I suppose that’s the lesson here: Don’t give up or give in. It’s a bit clichéd, I know, but it’s still good advice. Happy writing, and I hope to see you on the other side of the journey!

Author bio:

A. M. Leibowitz

A. M. Leibowitz is a spouse, parent, feminist, and book-lover falling somewhere on the Geek-Nerd Spectrum. She keeps warm through the long, cold western New York winters by writing romantic plot twists and happy-for-now endings. In between noveling and editing, she blogs coffee-fueled, quirky commentary on faith, culture, writing, and her family.

Lower Education Pre-order Links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Lower-Education-M-Leibowitz-ebook/dp/B00NCA48TE/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/473664

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lower-education-a-m-leibowitz/1120325979?ean=2940046149760

Find me on the Internet:

Web site: http://amleibowitz.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amymitchell29 (personal profile); https://www.facebook.com/UnchainedFaith (author page)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/amyunchained (@amyunchained)

Published by mbarkersimpson

Melissa Barker-Simpson is a multigenre romance author. Her stories are about connection, friendship, and love in all its forms. So whether in a magical setting, an alternative universe, or a world where anything can happen – and often does – there is always an element of romance. Melissa is currently residing in the North of England with her two daughters, and when not writing, is fulfilling her other role as a British Sign Language Interpreter.

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