Babette and Rabbit de Niro

You don’t want to miss this weird, whacky and extremely clever poem by LHN.

LOVE HAPPY NOTES - The Home of Inspiration, Happiness and Fun

Cute rabbit, drawing, watercolour

Babette Rabbit stockpiled her shells
doing time for flopping Raster’s cell
phone saddled in the Ogre’s shoe
smellier than 14-week-old gnu stew
Babette’s a Hoptomist and funny
But ensnared, a hot-cross-bunny

Doe-eyed to Bunnymoon with Rabbit De-Niro
Her husband and under-warren hero
Babette hocked her shell treasure
for master-Raster’s measure
Desperrabbit to cottontail this inn-grown-hare pen
Promised never to burrow his phone again

Raster viewed dew-claws terms, Ped-agreed
Babette bunny-hopped the shoe, freed
Took her lucky rabbit’s feat to millionhare days
Now the Hare-brained de-Niros fly Carabbitbean Hareways

Words and Artwork © Love Happy Notes

Written for Weird and Wacky Wednesdays at the Writing Room, run by the wonderful run by the wonderful Melissa Barker-Simpson (although I couldn’t post until Friday due to computer problems.

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