Writing Room 101 Daily Prompt Series – Update

Hi everyone I hope you enjoyed the special series last month, the 30 Days of September. We're back to regular daily prompts again in October, with a slight difference. I have created an area on the right hand tool bar, which I will update with a new prompt every day. Those wishing to take part can visit the … Continue reading Writing Room 101 Daily Prompt Series – Update

Let's Scare up Some Sales

Perfect for those of you with spooky tales to tell 🙂 Thanks, Chris.


Halloween Scrambles Title Page


A few weeks ago, I asked authors if they had any scary, spooky, or Halloween-related books.

I received several inquiries, but thus far only one author has responded with all the info I need.

Since it’s easier to promote a group of similar books than to self-promote a single book, my aim is to do a little promotion with some scary books. Any (positive) exposure helps, right?

If you’re an author of a scary book, if you’re interested in a little (free!) publicity, use the Contact Me form on my blog. Here is what I need:

  • The title of your book (and your author name, of course).
  • The ASIN of the Kindle edition (preferred).
  • Very, very brief text, like 2 short sentences. Just enough to create interest and make someone click on it and go to Amazon to read your full blurb. Not a summary, not a full…

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Keeping it short and (hopefully) sweet – WIPpet Wednesday

It’s WIPpet Wednesday again, and this time I’m going to keep it short and sweet! First let me thank K.L. Schwengel for the opportunity to share, and everyone who supported me last week. I rewrote the introduction and it’s looking better. I’m almost happy with it! So you’ve been introduced to Audrey, you’ve had a … Continue reading Keeping it short and (hopefully) sweet – WIPpet Wednesday

Meet Guest Author Melissa Barker-Simpson

Chris, the Story Reading Ape, kindly allowed me to share my story on his glorious site. His support knows no bounds, but then, as an ape, it’s to be expected 🙂

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Melissa Barker-Simpson 01I like to think I was born a writer, but that isn’t strictly true. I was born with a passion for language, for storytelling, and the ability to build new worlds in my head. This creative gene, as you might call it, has taken many guises over the years. When I was old enough to write (legibly), I began to practice my handwriting, gaining the pride of my family due to my deft calligraphy skills. I grew out of that stage as soon as the stories began to crowd my young mind, and I found my hands couldn’t keep up! I’m a terrible writer now, my Calligraphy teacher would weep in shame – I have the script of a harried doctor; except people have no inclination to translate my scrawl.

Later I began acting out the scripts in my head, torturing my family with my many adventures. It didn’t stop…

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