I’ll Wait

I am so often humbled by Callum’s gift. This poem spoke to me. I’m sure, for whatever reason, it will speak to you too 🙂

Callum McLaughlin

Everything I never told you
has crystallised beneath my skin,
to let it fester, cold and still
would surely be the greatest sin.
But I see the swarm; so fierce, so strong
and know what we could never win,
they’d leap upon our tender words
to smother in their selfish din.

So please, I beg, implore and plead,
know the truth is safe in me
and in my wildest, sweetest dreams,
I’d love for only you to see.
But hear the thirsty, lofty calls
of hunter’s deaf to a lover’s plea;
understand the chains I bear
are why, for now, we can’t be free.

I’ll wait for you within the place,
the one reserved for sleepless nights
to which we alone hold all the keys,
and there’s no need to fight for rights.
It’s here that we can soar the skies
like great and proud and loyal kites;
leave behind…

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