That’s a wrap! – Hands of Evil Blog Tour

Thanks again to everyone involved in the tour, and for all those who supported me.

As promised, for the members of my newsletter, below you will find a poll providing a list of characters from Hands of Evil. The character with the most votes will be the focus of an exclusive short story I will include in the Newsletter at the end of September.

2 thoughts on “That’s a wrap! – Hands of Evil Blog Tour

    1. Thank you 🙂 I wasn’t sure if you meant as a post or here, in the comments. But I thoroughly enjoyed the week. I loved preparing for it, spending so much time with my characters, and talking to people about it. I was a little conscious of shoving the book down people’s throats so I was a little hesitant to post reminders. I did meet some great people along the way, learnt again how supportive the community can be, and hopefully a few more people know about my work. The raffle wasn’t as successful as I hoped. I’ll have to think about why that is, maybe review prizes, that kind of thing.
      Sorry for the long response!

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