Siding with a shark – WR101 Prompt Series: Shades of August

As it’s a Terrifying Thursday and I enjoy this genre, I decided to add one of August’s little tales to the pot.
Don’t forget you can take August on an adventure every day until the 31st.

Shades of AugustI wanted to try my hand at one of August’s tales, but since Winter so cleverly started us off and probably has plans for that particular adventure, I decided to start with a tale from her past.

Five years earlier…

I pushed through the giant wall of icy winds and cursed the Guild in every language I’d picked up in the arena. The cold fingers of the icy bitch scratched at my cheeks and made my eyes water.

I was on this godforsaken planet, a small insignificant blip in the galaxy, because I’d lost a bet. I’d bartered with my soul and been dumped in icy hell with a Gourat of all things.

I turned to scowl at him, wishing I could still feel my hands so I could slap the smug look from his face.

It wasn’t his fault really. He always looked that way. He considered himself a…

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