Master of Disguise – A short story featuring Bobby Jones

The Hands of Evil Blog Tour starts tomorrow. I posted the schedule earlier in the week, but if you’d like to view it click here. There will be different opportunities to learn more about the book and its characters, including interviews, short stories and character bios. I am also running a raffle throughout the weekContinue reading “Master of Disguise – A short story featuring Bobby Jones”

The Shadow Stalker Blitz: Part 3

Welcome back to the final stop here at Writing Room 101. If you’ve visited before, or managed to catch Renee elsewhere on her tour, thanks for your support. This time I’d like to share two character interviews with you, provided for the blitz. They are a lot of fun, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy themContinue reading “The Shadow Stalker Blitz: Part 3”

The Shadow Stalker Blog Blitz: Part 2

Welcome back for the second stop at WR101. If you haven’t managed to catch Renee’s author interview, you will find it below. Renee is happy to answer any of your questions, so if there’s anything you’d like to know, either leave your questions in the comments or visit Renee’s blog. This evening, in the finalContinue reading “The Shadow Stalker Blog Blitz: Part 2”

Tag, you’re it! A Reading Habits Tag

I recently read a great post by a blogging buddy, Callum McLaughlin, in which he took part in a reading habits tag. He passed the torch, so to speak, to his readers and I couldn’t resist. So here are my answers 🙂 Question #1: Do you have a certain place at home for reading? No,Continue reading “Tag, you’re it! A Reading Habits Tag”

The Shadow Stalker Blog Blitz: Part 1

Writing Room 101 is providing three stops on today’s Blitz, starting with a review of The Shadow Stalker: The Hidden Truth (Episode 1). Shadow Stalker – The Hidden Truth: Episode 1 Review by Melissa Barker-Simpson   This is the first time I’ve read a serial and I didn’t know what to expect. I was pulledContinue reading “The Shadow Stalker Blog Blitz: Part 1”

The Collaboration Station gets a new feature

I’m excited to announce a new feature within the Collaboration Station. Writing Room 101 is to become a stopping point for Blog Tours. The first is a kind of blitz and will be hosted on the 30 August 2014. The tour is organised by Dragon Knight Chronicles as part of a new sister site – Readers Corner. IContinue reading “The Collaboration Station gets a new feature”

WIPpet Wednesday – Following the rules.

This week has been decidedly unproductive in terms of writing. On a positive note though, I’ve had a few books to enjoy in my role as beta-reader, so at least I wasn’t staring at the wall, or indeed banging my head against it as I was last week. Last Wednesday was my first experience asContinue reading “WIPpet Wednesday – Following the rules.”

Running on Empty – Speakeasy #176

Everything hurt. Even her eyelids, which was ridiculous, and yet she couldn’t open them. A movement to her left made her flinch and curse instantaneously when every cell in her body screamed in protest. She pulled on the last of her reserves to protect herself. Her hair whipped out, snaking around the hand which hoveredContinue reading “Running on Empty – Speakeasy #176”