The book (write on)

I had to reblog this. Not only because the poetry epitomizes everything I feel about reading, it also speaks to the writer within – reinforcing the incredible gift (and responsibility) we have to inspire others.

6 thoughts on “The book (write on)

    1. I know – so clever. It made me want to grab one of my books off the shelf and start hacking away. The fact I have no such creative talent stopped me! Plus it would be sacrilege πŸ™‚

      1. maybe if it was a book with no more use. I’m struggling to think of one maybe an old book of law? Thinking or banking regulations? something with plenty of other copies but no more use. Oooh telephone book.
        Anything else would be sacrilege. (I am slightly worried about your books right now)

      2. lol – I put down the paper cutter, so they’re safe! I like the idea of a telephone book though, I think I still have and old copy – even better πŸ™‚

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