Shades of August – Part of the WR101 Daily Prompt Series

August and September will be structured a little differently in terms of the daily prompts. For the month of August I invite you to write a multitude of adventures based on a character – August Montgomery. Depending on the day, that might be a tale of mystery, a story to thrill, or a journey that scaresContinue reading “Shades of August – Part of the WR101 Daily Prompt Series”

[WR101 Prompt Series] Thrilling Tuesdays' – Prompt #11

Following on from yesterday’s prompt – the theme for this week is a kind of ‘character versus plot’. I have provided two options below, challenging you explore other ways of working. If you enjoy to map out a story before you add characters to the landscape, try using option B. If the opposite is true andContinue reading “[WR101 Prompt Series] Thrilling Tuesdays' – Prompt #11”