[WR101 Prompt Series] Thrilling Tuesdays' – Prompt #9

They say you should never start a post with an apology, but I’m going to break that rule. I was tempted to post today’s prompt as though I haven’t missed three days in a row, because it felt better than saying I forgot. But the sad fact is, I did forget. I’ve been swamped, not toContinue reading “[WR101 Prompt Series] Thrilling Tuesdays' – Prompt #9”

Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 3

As his fingers curled around the object he was blasted with a memory, one strong enough to obliterate the walls of his prison. You can read the previous instalments by clicking on the appropriate link: Part 1 – Part 2. An instant later the world dropped away and he was lying in a hospital bed,Continue reading “Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 3”