[WR101 Prompt Series] Terrifying Thursdays' – Prompt #7

The theme for this week is in the form of a final sentence. All you need to do is weave a ‘terrifying’ tale which concludes with the following sentence: “Though unavoidable, he knew he would regret the decision for the rest of his life.” NB: If would like to suggest a sentence for this week’sContinue reading “[WR101 Prompt Series] Terrifying Thursdays' – Prompt #7”

Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 1

It’s collaboration time again. I recently began co-authoring Foresight with a new member of Writing Room 101 – Rachel-Elaine Peterson. I’ve had a blast working with Rachel-Elaine and the fun isn’t over yet! As we both enjoy the Science Fiction Genre, that’s what we settled on. You’ll find the first part below. Find out more fromContinue reading “Collaboration Station – Foresight: Part 1”