The Alphabet Exercise in Reverse!

Since trying my hand at the exercise earlier in the week, I’ve been plagued with the thought that my ‘alphabet’ story was incomplete. Perhaps it was the darkness of it, or the fact a seed was planted in my mind about doing the exercise in reverse and so I’ve continued the story where I left off working my way backwards from Z.

If you need a reminder of the first instalment, click here. Otherwise, my second attempt is below – the 100 word sentence is still a killer, but there’s nothing I can do about that, since it is part of the exercise 🙂


A candle in the dark

Zara looked out, beyond her veil, and saw the man for what he was.

Young, powerful and braver than anyone she’d ever met.

Xavier of the Doran clan; a warrior with a true heart and fierce nature.

“Will you let me in?” she asked, her voice but a whisper on the breeze.

Violent tremours shook his body; he was fighting with everything he had.

“Uzalereon,” she whispered, paralysing the beast to free the man.

“There’s only one way to free me,” he said, reading her thoughts.

Shaking her head to deny the hopelessness in his words, Zara pushed out with everything she had, using every ounce of her reserves to reach him, to touch the part of him he had long since forgotten; he had to believe in her, he had to see what he was truly capable of, and find that one semblance of hope, the hope she could see burning in his eyes, as sharp and bright as a candle in the dark – that special part of him which formed the core of his strength and gave him what no other before him possessed.

Right then she had her work cut out for her.

“Quell the doubt and break free of your shackles,” she demanded, showing him what she could see.

Perhaps it was desperation, or a surge of defiance, but he grasped hold of that kernel of hope; opening up to her.

On a wave of relief she materialised in front of him, needing all her power to wield the spell.

Never in her life had anything been so important, so worthy of the fight.

Man and beast were so intricately connected that one wrong move would mean death to them both.

Light illuminated the room and the forest beyond, growing brighter with each incantation until it consumed every dark corner of his soul.

Killing the beast was not her goal; banishing him was the only chance they had.

Just as her energy was beginning to wane, she felt the shift.

It fought her, the beast, but together they were stronger.

However clever the darkness was, the tricks it played, it stood no chance against their unity.

Gone were the chains, the doubt, and the fear; there was no home for it here.

Fire exploded in the hearth, but Zara never faltered.

Every fibre of her being was focused on one goal and she would not allow petty distractions to sway her.

“Don’t let go,” she whispered fiercely, looking into his eyes and holding the connection.

“Cara,” he said seductively, making her laugh; it was a last ditch attempt at dominance.

But she was prepared for him, for the weakness she sensed in the word and sealed his fate with her own band of endearment.

And just like that the demon was gone, leaving behind a light so beautiful it brought tears to her eyes.


Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “The Alphabet Exercise in Reverse!

  1. Nicely done. And now, since it’s likely that I was the one who planted the seed in your head to do this exercise backwards, I suppose I’ll have to bit the bullet and try my hand at it. Good job. You’ll be a tough act to follow.

  2. Wow, just wow! I thought it was impressive enough the first time, but to manage it again and backwards is pretty incredible! 😀 You kept all the dark excitement.

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