Talisman, Deities and Mythical Creatures – It's All Relative #4

It's All Relative

For the Featured Fiction prompt this week the suggested genre is Mythology.

It is a subject that I particularly enjoy, not only because of its origins in popular fiction, but because it reminds me of the stories my father told me as a child.

Before I began my journey into comics, and science fiction in general, I was enthralled by the tales he would share and his own interests in the genre.

My father was a quiet man, but the moment he touched on something of interest, he would talk on it for hours. They are my fondest memories, and perhaps one of the reasons I began writing in the first place.

So for this week’s ‘It’s All Relative’ prompt I want to continue the theme and hear about your experiences. What are your views on the subject of gods and goddesses. Do you have a favourite?

Here are a few guidelines:

  1. Create a post based on the prompt and provide a pingback or link in the comments section.

  2. Any form of non-fiction is accepted.

  3. You can use the prompt in any way you see fit, as long as the post is based (loosely) on the topic.

Thanks in advance for your participation.


3 thoughts on “Talisman, Deities and Mythical Creatures – It's All Relative #4

  1. I love Ovid’s versions of the Greek and Roman myths. For fun, I have composed a few “morals” to myths in heroic couplets:

    “The Death of Hercules*” (or “Hercules and Deianira”) [Morals from Mythology]*
    Beware of garments given by your wife.
    A shirt one day might take away your life.

    *The mighty hero who was killed by a poisoned shirt…


    “Semele and Others Killed or Handicapped by Hera/Juno” [Morals from Mythology]

    To guarantee* a long and happy life,
    Avoid the wrath of Jove’s* vindictive wife.

    *While not exactly guaranteed, long lives were more likely to be enjoyed by those who did not provoke the wrath of Hera.
    *For whatever reason, Jove/Jupiter is best known by his Greek name “Zeus”.


    “Actaeon” [Morals from Mythology]
    You will become your canines’ food
    If, by some chance, you see a goddess nude. *

    *In classical mythology, Actaeon, separated from his hunting party, accidentally comes across the goddess Diana while she is bathing. The kindly goddess immediately turns him into a stag, and his friends and hunting dogs kill him when they see him.

    “Niobe, Arachne, Marsyas, and Others who Bruised the Gods’ Egos” [Morals from Mythology]
    To wound a god or goddess’s fragile pride
    Is deadlier than committing suicide.


    I have also posted a poem that I wrote in response to Titian’s *Flaying of Marsyas*. Here’s the link:

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