Moving and Shaking

For anyone who is going through, or has gone through a major change – this will lighten your mood. It’s a great post 🙂

Starting Write Now


We are moving in less than thirty days. So that must make me a mover and a shaker. Right? Well, it does according to this weeks prompt at Writing Room 101…(if you haven’t visited, you should).


We found out in January, so in reality we had a six-month lead-time. I also have a real estate license, and practiced for 6 years, so you would think all of this would be old hat for me, right? A piece of cake, right?


Or not.


I can admit my faults and shortcomings; I can take responsibility for my mistakes. And lucky for you, I can share them, and with that share a laugh with all of you. Here are just a few..


I can fully admit that while I promised NOT to micromanage my agents (I was forbidden from representing myself by our relocation company), I did exactly…

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