I tried to stay on point…honest! 20/20 Five Blog Hop

2020-e1390359113214I’m a little late in answering this week, but it’s time to hop on over to 20/20 Five and tackle those questions.

Here they are:

1. What is your favorite food?

Mexican was the first thing that popped into my head, so we’ll leave it at that. If I think too long about it I’ll probably change my mind 

2. What do you notice first when you meet someone?

Their hands…I know, it’s random, but I have this strange fascination. You might think it’s because I’m a sign language interpreter and use my hands to communicate, but it started way before I fell in love with BSL. Strangely, when I’m signing, it’s not the person’s hands I looking at then, but their eyes, and their facial expressions. So I guess you could say that after noticing a person’s hands, the next thing I see is their face, and what they’re trying to communicate (beyond words). Okay, now I’m veering off the subject (no surprise there).

3. What is your favorite sport to play or watch?

I don’t play sports, I’m useless at them. Even thinking about my school days and the humiliation of getting picked last is enough to send me straight to rehab! But seriously, I’ve played Rounders with my family and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m usually laughing so hard that I can’t run, but it doesn’t have to be all about the winning 

I don’t watch a great deal of sport, but I love to be at a ground; football, rugby, cricket – whatever. I feed off the crowd and the atmosphere in general. There’s nothing like a live match.

4. What is you most essential appliance?

My kettle – without caffeine I can’t function. If I don’t get coffee in the morning I’m not human and I wouldn’t wish that on anybody! 

5. Give your 16 year old self, three words of encouragement.

Don’t give up!

Thanks for reading.

Published by mbarkersimpson

Melissa Barker-Simpson is a multigenre romance author. Her stories are about connection, friendship, and love in all its forms. So whether in a magical setting, an alternative universe, or a world where anything can happen – and often does – there is always an element of romance. Melissa is currently residing in the North of England with her two daughters, and when not writing, is fulfilling her other role as a British Sign Language Interpreter.

7 thoughts on “I tried to stay on point…honest! 20/20 Five Blog Hop

  1. You made laugh now, last to be picked up in sports, the same with me, I had completely forgotten about it, now I understand why I love swimming, only me and the water!

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