Exercising the mind

As a writer, I understand the importance of reading, and am fortunate enough to enjoy spending time between the pages of a good book.

I’ve always been a ‘book-work.’ The wonderful things is, when I’m having difficulty motivating myself to write, I can spend time with the characters from another person’s mind instead!

I like reading aloud too, my own owrk or a passage from my favourite book.

Not everyone enjoys to ‘listen’ to a story. In order to visualise the action, some prefer to read in silence.

When we were younger, my brother enjoyed it when I read aloud to him (there’s a ten-year age gap). Sometimes, instead of reading from a book, I would ask him to name ten items he would like including in a story, and then begin. It was refreshing to let my imagination flow free and, not having the confines often found within the written word, I had a great deal of fun with it.

Over the years I’ve written a number of short stories based on these types of promps. It’s a harder task, but can be equally entertaining.

I’m sure other people unleash their imagination in a similar way, and I’d like to hear from you about your experiences. I’d also like to challenge you, if you’re so inclined, to pick up the gauntlet.

So, I’d like you to create a tale based on the following:

Brown leather shoe
Black cat
Blue orchid
Quarrelling twins
An unusual tattoo

Please post a link to the story, to let me know where I can find it.

If you’d like to challenge me, please provide between 5 to 10 prompts and I will weave them into a short piece of fiction You can include themes, emotional prompts, and specific genre requirements if you wish.

I look forward to reading your contributions.

Until next time

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