Dean Koontz and his descriptive prowess

Innocence by Dean Koontz When I was a younger, my two favourite authors were Dean Koontz and Stephen King. I particularly enjoyed their descriptive prowess and hoped to one day try my hand at using similes and metaphors to make scenes vivid and entertaining – just as they do. They always bring the story to life for me. OnceContinue reading “Dean Koontz and his descriptive prowess”

Part 4 in our collaborative journey!

Part 4 in our collaborative journey! She hadn’t been able to avoid swallowing the tablets in the final session of mandatory medication for the day. Her aunt had tipped more water than usual down her throat and she had coughed and spluttered, but still the glass remained. Trying to gasp and drink at the sameContinue reading “Part 4 in our collaborative journey!”


As I was updating my own blog this evening, it suddenly occurred to me that Laura and I haven’t yet posted our contributions. We’ve added a page for each section, for ease of navigation, but didn’t actually create a post to introduce the story. You can catch up on the three instalments so far below,Continue reading “Contributions”

A little later than advertised

Here’s the next instalment of Chosen. If you missed the prologue, you can find it here Prologue CHAPTER 1 DAVIS   It wasn’t dark any longer. It was bright and warm and playful, like the sun. The rays were bouncing off the pavement in front of me, and I revelled in my freedom. There was so muchContinue reading “A little later than advertised”

Laura Josephine is now 20!

I’ve already posted on my personal blog about what I hope to achieve before the next anniversary of my escape from the womb. They’re pretty standard things, and ones I fell I could reasonably achieve. I also hope to spend more time updating this blog. There’s a lot going on in my world. I’ve justContinue reading “Laura Josephine is now 20!”

It has to be seen to be believed

I stumbled across an article today on the Daily Mail online (link below), about a new company who are aiming to print 3D models of a foetus in the womb. The tile is aptly called Creepy or Cute, and I have to say – it’s creepy all the way for me! I know technology is advancing and 4D scans areContinue reading “It has to be seen to be believed”