Last push to the finish line

I’ve had quite an interesting couple of weeks. For a start I’d all but given up on my nanowrimo journey. Every time I sat in front of the computer I only managed to churn out a few thousand words, and it wasn’t enough. Then the words dried up completely.

I congratulated myself on getting so far, reflected on the experience and with five days to go and thirty-thousand words left to write I suddenly realised…I want to win! Why? Because I’ve put so much into this month. I’ve ignored my family, endured dark moods and severe bouts of procrastination. I’ve challenged and stretched myself in ways I’ve never dared in the past. I suddenly realised I needed to do this, for me, for the novel that might otherwise fall into oblivion. It’s a story worth telling, and if I somehow manage to pull it out of the bag and reach that fifty thousand word goal – it will survive to the next round. My inner editor will break free of her bonds and get her teeth into a project worth fighting for.

So, where am I now? At my computer of course! My current word count is thirty-six thousand words and I have just over a day to go. A few days ago I decided to forget everything I’ve been doing and just write the way I do best – with pen and paper. I’ve trained myself to write on a computer, mainly because of the time it saves. Yet it’s never the same, it doesn’t flow quite so easily.

Still, I knew the only chance I had of winning this thing was to shove aside the key-board and bring out the trusty note-pad. It was the right decision.

For three days (all day), I’ve been scribbling away like a woman possessed. It’s been pouring out of me. Does it need work, or course it does, but it’s there and overall it’s got merit.

It does taint the process a little, that I have to stop every few thousand words or so and transfer them onto the computer, but I’m sticking with it. For me it is the winning formula!

I’m just about caught up, so I will shut myself in my room, pick up my pen and take that last push to the finish line. Wish me luck!

Thanks, as always, for visiting.

Until next time


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