Dog with a bone

I was reading a comment in reply to my last blog, about the fact we all procrastinate when we have something important to do. I’m you have some funny stories about the type of things you or others have done to put off the ‘inevitable’.

If there was a prize for procrastination I would get at least a Bronze… I’ve perfected the art 🙂

I have been doing a little editing in between my battle with the computer, so I’ll post on my diary later today. I think I’ve missed one or two days – shame on me.

The thing is, I’m still at war with my computer. I won’t be beaten. I should give it up as a bad job and let the professionals handle it but I’m like a dog with a bone…once I set my mind to something I just can’t stop.

I don’t want to kill my machine, so if it isn’t working by the end of the day I’m going to wave the white flag – step back and let the tech guys and gals handle it.

Until next time.


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