An interesting, and wonderful thing happened to me today. I was thinking about a piece of work I wanted to write, not knowing where to start when the ideas began coming to me thick and fast. I was driving at the time so it was both frustrating and exciting all at once. I had to scribble notes because the character inside my head was relentless, needing his story told.

It was one of the easiest and most pleasurable things I’ve ever written. I love writing at any time, but this experience filled me with such happiness I felt the need to share.

Thanks for listening.

Until next time

5 thoughts on “Distraction

  1. Hi 🙂 Is it ok that I go sorta off the subject? I am trying to view this site from my new Macbook although it doesn’t show correctly (a few of the buttons are almost completely covered), do you have any suggestions? Should I try to find an update for my software or something? Thanks in advance! Hildred x 🙂

    1. Hi, Hildred. Unfortunately I’m not really familiary with Apple’s operating system or the default web browser (Safari, right?). Having said that, it has to be an issue with the browser and I do know people who use a macbook so I will do some investigating for you. Kind regards, Mel

    1. Hi. Thanks for the comment. I guess my inspiration comes from a desire to share my writing experiences. I try not to talk about the actual process, because that can be boring. But I do like to reach people through words, so having a blog is a good way to do that, whilst honing my skills.

      The people (characters) I create live constantly in my head, so the inspiration for this particular post was just a funny way of saying that having all those ideas circling around can cause a bit of a problem!

      Kind regards

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