Withdrawal Symptoms

It’s been a few days since I last sat down to spend time on Sins of the Father, or indeed for writing anything at all. It may sound bizarre but I’m having withdrawal symptoms. I can feel it coming over me, the desparate need to write something… like a cold that gets gradually worse as the day goes on. Not that writing is a disease, but the lack of it can grip me like a virus and put pressure where it hurts!

Sounds over dramatic, I know, but it brought me here. As I only have a limited time to spend giving the writer in me free reign, at least I will keep it at bay until I get another chance. So now that’s off my chest I feel like I can quieten those characters desparate to have their say, at least until tomorrow.

As you can tell, not only does the lack of writing make me anxious to grab a peice of paper (a napkin would do), it makes me a little edgy too. I’m sure once all the ‘symptoms’ are under control I’ll start making sense again 🙂

Until the next time


2 thoughts on “Withdrawal Symptoms

  1. I know what you mean Mel. If I have nothing to write or write about, I’m pacing the floor like a big cat. Maybe that does some good, because while pacing, ideas begin to flow and I can’t help but write them down. What a contrast. Albert

    1. Hey, Albert, whatever works…right?! I don’t know about you but some of my best ideas come at the most inopportune moments – like driving the car or having a conversation! Where’s that piece of paper or keyboard then. Both can be dangerous! Not only should you be concentrating on the road, but it can look pretty rude if you walk away mid-sentence. I’m exaggerating of course, but sometimes the thoughts whirling around in my head can make me feel like an outsider because whilst others are contributing to the conversation, I’m away with the fairies!
      Thanks for commenting.
      Mel 🙂

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