Pen and paper versus keyboard

As long as I’ve been writing I’ve always preferred to do it ‘the old fashioned way’ with good old pen and paper. It didn’t flow as easily on the computer.

Since I’ve been editing the current novel and adding additional content, it’s been easier to let creativity flow.

Having said that, the past couple of days have challenged me more than usual. It became frustrating until I pulled out my note pad, put pen to paper and started scribbling away. Its a matter of preference of course but it’s interesting how something so simple can give the words and avenue for escape.

I wonder how many others stare at a screen and get nothing until they hold a pen in their hand.

Until next time

4 thoughts on “Pen and paper versus keyboard

  1. Hi Mel.
    Me too! I much prefer the old fashioned way. It all looks too neat, too soon, on the pooter! And besides, my writting scrawl is in syc with my brain. The computer I have to think about. (I`m of a certain age).

    1. I know exactly what you mean…like you can feel the cogs turning when your hands are tentatively hovering over the keys! Maybe it’s a comfort thing. I’m an interpreter and there are jobs outside my comfort zone when I have to work that little bit harder. I can literally feel the mechanics as my mind struggles to process from one language to another 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

    1. Hello, Nicolas

      Muchas gracias. Yo no sabía nada de Digg. Me han unido!

      Sorry if the grammar is wrong, I used google translate.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

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