Over the past several months I have been researching the work of Close Protection Specialists, given the fact that I have incorporated a whole team into Sins of the Father. Every time something comes up I’m not sure about, I return to my favourite websites on the subject and dig a little deeper. More often than not, like today, new information pops out at me and I spend hours delving into the private security world. It’s fascinating really, but a little scary. The more facts you put in (whether the characters are ficticious or not), the more danger of getting things wrong.

I’m scaring myself a little too much, am tempted to scrap whole scenes because of it, so I’m going to take a break and pick it back up tomorrow! One of the things I’m tempted to do is join a forum. As I don’t belong to that world I’m not sure how they’ll take my 101 quesions 🙂

Thanks for reading.


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