Writing Exercises

Try as I might, I can’t get used to the whole blogging era. I’ve tweeted, a little – tried a variety of other social networking sites but can’t seem to drum up the motivation to follow through. I’m an undisciplined writer. I don’t have a set time, I write whenever the desire takes hold – even if it’s at two in the morning and that little voice won’t let up.

Having said that, I can see what a positive effect it has on my work when I add a little structure. People have been telling me to write a blog for years. So this is me, trying to ‘get with the programme’ and add a little discipline.

My first aim is to write something on a daily basis; the majority of which will be linked to my writing. I may post samples, and am open to debates. It will take a little getting used to, but as this is my first task I will give it a few weeks.

Thanks for reading.


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