Melissa Barker-Simpson


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The Collective is the latest series in The Fractured collection. It is a prequel of sorts and begins at the beginning of the Demonic War. For those of you familiar with the first in the Fractured (a fantasy romance series which picks up after the war has ended), you will know to expect an array of mythical creatures and some kick-ass female leads – as well as a few alphas thrown in!

“If your next words are even remotely linked to your squeaky goodness and the fact people think it rubs off on me, I will hit you over the head with your own damn halo.”

Lucas grinned. “How many times do I have to tell you I don’t have a halo?”

“It’s metaphorical, you imbecile,” Orion said, snapping his fingers to produce a pair of shades. “You’re so self-righteous, it blinds.” In truth, his brother was doing his impression of an angelic glow stick, and his humour kicked up the wattage.

From Warrior’s Heart